2019-2020 RIVER Project Submittals

Project submittals
Applicant Name   Project Name Description Funding Amout Project Total
Alachua County   Alachua County Turf SWAP The Turf SWAP (Save Water Add Plants) rebate  program to transition from irrigated turf to Florida Friendly Landscape. $175,000.00


Alachua County   Poe Springs Sediment removal Remove sediment and algae from the spring pool and run, add a vegetative buffer. $259,970.00


Alachua County   Lake Santa Fe Canal Data collection to determine sediment in Lake Santa Fe canal. $105,000.00


Archer, City of   Archer Woods Service Line The project will replace service lines to 32 homes, which will save water, time, and money on repairs. $68,200.00


Archer, City of   Archer Park Road Stormwater The proposed improvements on the west side will provide a functioning conveyance with treatment and improve flood protection. $109,800.00


Bradford County   Bradford Co Water Oak Creek Project seeks to remove tree debris and restore drainage capacity. $1,350,000.00


Bradford County   Bradford County Alligator Creek trap Installation and maintenance of a trash trap to reduce waste from migrating downstream. $150,000.00


Branford, Town of   Branford Spring The project is to restore the spring vent by removing silt and other rock obstructions. $500,000.00


Bronson, Town of   Bronson Wastewater This project extends the collection system to a portion of Phase 2 to convert septic tanks to a central sewer system $100,000.00


Dixie County   Cross City Flood Management The goal of the project is to improve the stormwater management system near the elementary and middle schools. $446,655.00


Gilchrist County   Santa Fe Park Restroom Construction of a restroom, well, and septic system at Santa Fe River Park . $187,730.40


Gilchrist County   Gilchrist NE 2nd Way Park Stormwater improvement project to reduce sediment entering the Santa Fe River.  $143,970.00


Hampton, City of   Hampton Water Main Loop Loop water mains to remove dead ends which will improve water conservation and water quality and will reduce flushing. $164,000.00


Jefferson County   Gum Swamp Rd Improvements Harden the road by adding compacted limerock, adding roadside swales to convey and treat stormwater runoff, and replacing existing crossdrains. $97,655.25


Jennings, Town of   Southern St Lift Station Replacement Relocate the lift station out of the flood zone to prevent sewage overflows into wetland area. $200,000.00


Lafayette County   CR 300 Additional funding for the Retention / percolation ponds for recharge and storage during extreme weather conditions. $537,060.00


Lake City   Gwen Lake Phase 2 Second phase of stormwater drainage and conveyance improvements contributing to the sedimentation in Gwen Lake. $220,000.00


Lawtey    Lawtey Water Main Replacements Replacement of the water distribution system, replacement and addition of isolation valves and hydrants. $1,773,000.00


Levy County   University Oaks Phase IV Design, permitting, and construction of approximately 5,250 LF of 6" watermain to provide service to 33 customers. $341,401.65


Levy County   University Oaks Phase III a The construction of  2,200 LF of 6" watermain serving 14 customers. $95,124.00


Madison County   Madison Co Old Camp Rd Increase the volume of the permitted pond to provide additional storage. $279,712.00


Madison, City of   Lake Frances Sediment Control Install a system of weirs or traps to help purify the stormwater that is directed to Lake Frances. $49,954.00


Monticello, City of    Old Jail Lift Station Rehabilitation Rehabilitate an outdated lift station in order to mitigate the potential failure of the pumps and concrete wet well. $98,500.00


TCWSD   TCWSD System Loss Monitoring Install 4 neighborhood master meters to facilitate leak detection. $100,000.00 $100,000.00

Taylor County   Stormwater Restoration Taylor Co Stormwater restoration effort to replace damaged constricted conveyances throughout several areas of Taylor County $60,256.00


UF/IFAS Extension Levy Co   Modify Water Behavior in the Nature Coast Implementation of BMP's achieved through educating and influencing behavior change in area residents. $8,521.00